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April 24, 2010



Aww, what a great story, a great afghan and a great gift. And I really like the play of color in the throw you made. Did you use a specific pattern or did you make it up? :)


Thanks for your kind words!  I made up the pattern for the throw I did, using Marilyns blanket as a guide. 

Tristan Robin

what a lovely thing to do - and the blanket looks terrific!


The blanket is like the story... beautiful!


What a wonderful gift!


That is wonderful that you were able to finish it ... and make something new, too!


What a terrific thing to do! And it's lovely, as are the other two!


Wow! I haven't read your blog in a bit and see lots of big changes in your life. Congratulations on the big move - I love the story behind it!


What a sweet story. And...the finished product is gorgeous!


It's what it is all about. Lovely, Paul.
A very touching story with alot of heart.
So 'you'.


That is so sweet! You are such a good man! And the afghans are beautiful. I can still hear you telling me that "it's all about the process." This was a process in every sense of the word.
See you very soon!!!!


I especially like the two in earth tones with oranges predominating. Earth colors have always been "my" colors and I think orange is a highly underappreciated color.

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