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February 23, 2010



Nice to see you surfacing. Sounds like things are going well, which is very wonderful.

Tristan Robin

Well, it's about time you posted! Great to hear from you.

I think he was came in last place in a contest, and the "L" stands for "loser."

I know that shaving your head is a common "booby prize" for losing a contest or competition now.

Sad, isn't it?


YAY! Hope you ARE back!
I have no idea what the L stands for. Odd...

But so very very glad to know things are going well for you! Enjoy the opera when you can, I adore it, too.


Hi - my father was a huge opera fan and belonged to a listserv opera group called 'Opera-L' and my understanding was they would wear 'L' lapel pins to know each other if they met at the opera! This seems perhaps he has taken it to the next step?
take care.


Nice to hear from you! My first thought was L for loser, but perhaps that says more about me than the guy in your picture.

Tina, the quiet homemaker

'L' for 'Learner'? We have 'L' plates over here in the UK which we have to display on our cars when we are learning to drive. Perhaps because this man was one of the younger singers, he was still a learner, lol!

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