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September 03, 2009



So glad you had a nice - and safe - journey!

How lucky to have so much help moving!

Enjoy your retreat - take your time unpacking - and make me some soap! :D


So happy that your trip was safe and beautiful! Have a great time at the retreat!!!!


Nice to hear you arrived safely!


It's good to hear that things are going well...can't wait for photos!


Glad to hear that you are safe and sound and settling in!


It's nice to see you have your priorities in order..knitting retreats always come before getting organized. Good for you!


Stop with the good stuff. Knitting retreats and all that. You're making me wish I wasn't straight and married with kids! (Just kidding; my husband's reading over my shoulder...) :-)


Welcome home! Hugs and cookies to be delivered in person. And I need your new snail mail address if I'm to send you Christmas rumballs.

Nichole D.

Can't wait to see your pictures, have fun on the retreat!


Good morning, Paul. My daughter Stephania mentioned that you were now a member of her knotting group and that you read my blog. She mentioned that we had a lot of interests in common (although I embroider rather than knot).

I just read through the story of your getting together with David, which is delightful. I told Fritz all about it--we thought it a great story, and he said how nice you'd met over an opera date. He and I visited the Timberline Lodge in August when we were out in Oregon to meet my new granddaughter and to visit with Blogger friends in Portland. Welcome to your new life--I hope it brings a lot of happiness!

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