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April 25, 2009


Tristan Robin Blakeman

sounds like such a fun time ... looking forward to more of the adventure!


Oh that sounds awesome and romantic. :-) (not the 20-somethings at the airport ;-) )


Good for you! Speaking up - way to go! I would have said something too!

Now about this trip, dear!!! This looks like it is going to be a great vacation for us to see after the fact...Love the place and the room!!!


Love that you spoke up! Good for you.

I have to say you had me giggling with the tent in the snow, what a great surprise and STUNNING room and view :)


What a great thing you did, speaking up that way. Hopefully they learned a lesson and next time they will think before they complain. Your lodge looks beautiful! I would probably sit in front of the fireplace all day if I were there.

Enjoy your vacation!


Having flown a lot in the past decade, I have always given irate fliers the exact same advice...gate crew are the ONLY people that will help you, and I have NEVER seen one be helpful to someone who is being annoying.

As for you, Mr. Gullible...did you not think "snow cave" should have given you a clue?

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks pal.


Hooray for you for giving those stupid kids a lesson!

And hooray for your BF for giving you such a great surprise! Isn't Timberline Lodge wonderful? Did you have hot buttered rums in front of the fireplace?


Although I'd all ready heard this story from you, I still loved it just the same. Knowing you the way I do I would have LOVED to see the look on your face half way up that mountain. lol

So very, very happy for you that your trip was awesome, honey. I wanna be best man at your wedding. *blonde grin*

I love you, hon. Very much. I'm very proud of you and you know I think you're absolutely amazing. Very proud. Very proud indeed. *hugs*


That is adorable.


What a wonderful trip. If I had known I would have waved when you flew over!

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