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March 22, 2009


Tristan Robin Blakeman

This is probably the most bang up fab high school production of Cinderella ever! - and just what that ol' Rogers and Hammerstein chestnut needed!

Love the concept the costumes, the set - and those lanterns!

congrats - hope to see video (ahem)

The BF

Wish I could have been there to see it... and you!


Now that looks like it was a great performance! What did you do for the glass slipper?

Hope you'll have time to do some knitting.

Hi to David.


The script only mentioned a slipper, not that it was glass. SO, we had these lovely little silver/sequined slippers that looked absolutely adrable with her white kimono. Easy to get on and off, so it worked really well!


Looks awesome. Fabulous costuming and back drops!


That looks delightful! Wish I could have attended...congrats to the students, and the art department, and the mom's who made kimonos!


Wow! How amazing for both you and the kids. They are really lucky to have you as their director and mentor.


How utterly charming! If there are videos, I would like to buy one. Sweetie Pie, you are inspired, and the kids are SOOO lucky to have you! The ninja-stagehands are a stroke of genius.


How fun! It looks like it was a success all around! Now, whatcha knitting? ;)

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