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November 08, 2008



Well my sky is just as grey but my life is also just as full. I am so glad that things are going smoothly right now. You deserve it.


My sky looks a little worse than yours...

Life is going well at Chez Sara! And, I am adjusting to having Mom in the nursing home. She, on the other hand, seems to have adjusted fine!

So glad to hear there is someone special! I am so happy for you! Think of you and Lizzie often...but, it seems like the thinking and getting a card or e-mail off don't happen at the same time...

Tristan Robin

now, now, now!
I've always cared about you and thought you were special!



That is a beautiful scarf! It's been raining here all day.


Such nice bear colors. :-)


Very nice scarf! There is nothing wrong with really loving a particular pattern. If you enjoy knitting it then that's reason enough. Glad to hear you have a special someone who thinks you're special too.


I have like two patterns I knit all the time. Using 15 gauge needles and some bulky yarn, I can crank out a baby blanket in 4 hours now.

I'm still on rectangular objects. You want scarves, blankies, washcloths? I'm your girl.

The sky was quite gray today here too. :)


Even with the grey sky, this post made me smile. So nice to hear that things are going well, and that there is a special person :)

The scarf is wonderful, love the colours and the pattern.

I won't mention our blue sky with the sun that's been shining since 5.30 this morning...


It's November in the Northern hemishpere. Isn't the sky supposed to be gray?

Lovely scarf! What's wrong with sticking with a pattern you like and know. That's what friends are all about.

And by the way, Sugarplum, a hell of a lot of us think you are wonderful and care about you. Didn't you know? But yes, it's wonderful to have someone special think that you are also someone special. I wish you both orchids and cookies and exquisite music.


Sunny down here in NC but I do miss CNY every now and then! Glad life is going so well for you. The scarf looks great!


Yep, the sky is like the economy.... gloom and doom. Glad to see there's someone special in your life.

Alan (RareSteek)

Glad to hear that your 'someone special' is still part of your life. Good to hear from you.

Someone Special

*someone out there really cares and thinks I'm special*

Yes, indeed I do! And see how many people agree with me? Told you so!!



I love that scarf - the texture, the colors. I wanna reach out and touch it! :) And congrats on the someone special. That's so cool! :)


Oh what a lovely post. In spite of the gray day, it seems that all is quite glowing in your life. I'm so happy that you have a pattern you love, and someone who thinks you are as special as I do.


Metaphorically? I don't think you have a gray sky! It sounds as if things are bright and sunny...
LOVE the scarf.


I think it's a lovely scarf.

And he's a lovely guy.


Installation art is my favorite kind so I am looking forward to seeing "That Same Damned Scarf" at a gallery soon. Love this version!


Great to hear from you again. Sounds like life is changing for you in a positive way. I'm glad.

I love the colors in the scarf. I too haven't done a Saturday Sky in a long time and mine looks much like yours!

Have a great week.


Wasn't there a recent trip to NYC?

Isn't there supposed to be a blog post about that? With pictures?

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