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May 24, 2008



Those blankets are awesome, what a great bunch of people for doing that.
Awww Lizzie is way to cute.



Just marvelous to see all the work and detail that went into each of those blankets. What a great group. Good show ol' boy!


Beautiful quilt and blankies...Lizzie looks so cute peeking in!!!


What a wonderful thing you did! Kudos to you and your kids!


Paul, those blankets are a feast for the eyes. It's a fine thing you've done.


Fabulous blankets and a great lesson for the kids in giving.


Oh good job from both the ladies and the kids. And of course their advisor was pretty cool too. :-)


Wonderful blankets! What fun for those ladies to have a real, loving purpose for their splendid handwork. You have done a kindness for them as well as for the kids getting the blankets. Good for you, Paul!


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