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March 06, 2008



Dagnamit! Frogging? - zen like, sure...


Yea...and I'm the queen of England, too...Frogging is so not Zen like - how can it be when you are cursing under your breath the entire time...

Good to see you, sweetie!!!


OH NO! I hate when that happens. Well, hopefully it won't be too painful and you'll soon be finished again. (she says while crossing her fingers and saying a prayer)


hmm, and i hope you had a lifeline in there?

Nichole D.

Ugh, that sucks. Not one you could go back and pick up, I'm assuming, since there's no ladder. Well, best of luck with it, I'm sure it'll be, uh, fun?


{{{{{HUGS}}}} Yeah right, maybe in that it would teach humility and patience but otherwise.....



I just take needle and thread and catch the sucker, hide the ends in the yarns, and pretend it never happened.


Yeah, "crap" is really just about the only word for it. Crap.


Sorry! Hope the frogging went o.k.


That suck big time! I would have had to self medicate to frog all that work. Show me the vodka!


That suck big time! I would have had to self medicate to frog all that work. Show me the vodka!


Oh dear! I would curse for you but I'm hoping the frogging and reknitting is now all just a memory and you're a happy boy!


Hey birthday boy.....no comments today?
Must be still cleaning up (or catching up on sleep) after the amazing musical you put on over the weekend. Now you can sit down and frog your shawl. Two rules:
1) Don't drink and drive and
2)Don't direct a show and knit. So now you know.....
Hope your birthday was happy!
Gotta run ~ I have to go zen my scarf. It's a frogging experience.


"Zenlike" is the lamest adjective ever, in this situation anyway (or perhaps I'm just not that centered). That sucks.

On the other hand, it's mohair, can't you fudge it? Who's going to know? (I know, I know, YOU will know.)

Hope it goes fast....


That's no fun at all - not when you are working with mohair. Grrr... zen-like it isn't.

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