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February 09, 2008



Oh how cool!!! I love those colors. How about the Hemlock Blanket? Check out BrooklynTweed's blog or on Ravelry.



I think it could make a fairly cool looking Danica. It would also make a nice present for Brenda just as it is. perdy!

Nichole D.

I''m doing the Knitter Project, too!

How about a mini clapotis?


Oh, it is beautiful yarn...I'm thinking it would make a beautiful throw to cover up with while watching tv or reading...and look gorgeous over the back of the couch or chair when not in use...


Ohhh..you are right. That yarn IS yummy! Now what to do with it? *Think Think Think* I think a blanket is a great idea, and finding the right pattern to show off the yarn =) Good luck and be sure to post your project!


I see i was beaten to the punch - I was gonna suggest Jared Flood's Hemlock Ring Throw too.


Gorgeous yarn! Perhaps this pattern?


Hmm - 550 yds of worsted weight cotton. Do you want to do lace or simple garterstitch or what? A mitered square modular knit shawl on size 13 needles would be quick and easy.


A scarf? Isn't that original? A shawl sounds good too. I love the colours you'll be working with. 22 March is a longgg way away.

Haven't seen you twittering for a spell ...

Sounds as if your life is hectic!


It would also work for most sizes in the Fiber Trends Versatility Vest. http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/LL484.htm


Maybe something on the bias? With just a little bit of pattern...that might be pretty. I can't wait to see what you think up!


Wow, gorgeous yarn. Since I'm not a great knitter, I'll just wait eagerly to see what you do with it, because with those colors, unless you tangle it up and throw it in a mud puddle, whatever you make is going to be lovely and glowing.

Tristan Robin

thigh-high socks with cuffs and ball fringe


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