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February 22, 2008



The yarn is very pretty, I love how it is knitting up!

Staying home too, working on organizing and crafting today as well!


Oh! It almost glows! It is going to be stunning.


Pretty, pretty! It's snowing here today too...I've stayed in all day - except to walk the dogs and take out the garbage!!!


a good day to stay indoors here, too - the ickiest of all, "wintry mix." And there have been so many viruses this winter. Hurry up Spring!!!!


It looks very pretty! Love the pictures of the snow too, so different from here.

Nichole D.

I love snowy, cold days that make me stay inside! I think I've got the same little bug. Blegh.


Ooh, I love mohair. I'm allergic, though, so I'm just going to admire it from this side of my monitor.

As for your camera, crack open the manual and see if it has a section on 'white balance'. On my fancy camera, you set some dials, and then point the camera at something white in the same lighting conditions that you're taking the picture under (a piece of paper works well, or a lampshade, door, etc.) It lets the camera know what sort of light you're under. On my less-than-fancy camera, you can just pick a sort of light source (fluorescent, incandescent, sunlight.) Of course, having said that, I never remember to do any of that and end up fixing mine in Photoshop. :)


Hi Paul,

It was good to see you back on Twitter. It is great to see your knitting. I love Mohair - that looks gorgeous. I'll love to see the finished project!


Mmmmm yummy! And what a luscious shawl it will make! When the yarn is that gorgeous, I think it's wisest to stick to a simple pattern and just let the glory of the fiber carry the day.


OMG I so love that yarn and I haven't even touched it. I'm jealous of your snow.



Ohhhh Paul, that is soooo pretty and soft. I was tempted to touch the screen to feel it. I do hope you let us see it before it goes off to the project.


Wow - that colorway is Gorgeous! I see why you Had to get it!

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