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February 06, 2008


Nichole D.

Glad to hear you're still alive! I hope you get things settled and figure out what it is you want to be doing- sometimes that restless spirit feeling is a little unnerving, isn't it? I like to rearrange my furniture to deal with it. Or start a gazillion new knitting projects.


Hey, sweetie! Glad to see you out and about - both here in cyberspace and in a real social life! I know I commented about the trip to NYC but it still sounded fabulous!

Glad you are having fun with the college kids! And, the new position...good for you!

take care...hugs to Lizzie...and you, of course!


It is so good to see you post. Yes, your life does sound very busy right now. I'm glad though you took a sec to keep us updated.

Hugs to you and Lizzie honey!!!!!


Yep, definitely issues that aren't yours! So glad you're enjoying the college kids. Our college choir is about to start up again (new school year) and I'm going to crash the choir and join :)


I accidentally lost my comment. I was going to say it sounds like you are keeping busy in a good way. As for men, I remember a guy (a known heartbreaker) I had a light summer fling with.

He'd look darkly into my eyes and say knowingly, "Uh-oh, I can see you're falling in love with me." "No, I'm not." "Oh, yes you are. And I'm just going to end up breaking your heart because I can't be tied down." "No worries."

After I dumped him, he started stalking me.

What is it with men?


Sounds to me like you dodged a bullet with that guy. You're sane, charming, balanced and deeelightful. He's a loon.

So let's hear more about that new college position. (I'm seeing Kama sutra poses.)

Tristan Robin

If he "just can't be your boyfriend - he can't he can't he can't" - he's a jerk of the first order and we must have him decapitated at first opportunity.


Glad to hear that you are still out there and treading water. Sorry about the strange man. I'm not quite sure what I would do if I were single again. Never was good at the meeting people thing.

Are you planning on looking around, job wise, again this summer?


It IS hard to juggle it all, isn't it? Sounds like you're enjoying most of it, except for dating the occasional nutcase! Yikes! But better to find out after two dates rather than two months or two years. Hope you'll post pics of your show when it's done.

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