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January 06, 2008



Looking good! I'll got check out your new addictions!!! :)


Nice look! Thanks for the new links - off to check them out, just when I'd resolved to get my blog reading down to a number that is managable. :)


Good luck with the student. Those things can eat up far too much brain matter with worry.



Love the new look! Hope the thing with the student works out too.


I like the new look, but I found it hard to read. Could be my eyes though, as it is night and my eyes don't like light at night yet (due to the Lasik).

I will definitely have to check out the blogs. There is one I found that is very crafty and she even does wonderful recipes it is called Homespun Living.



The new look is slightly harder to read (gray on black.. always harsh on aging eyes :)
Loooooove Rufus Wainwright. Have you see the youtubes vid of Rufus doing Leonard Coen's Hallelujah? Its.. chillingly beautiful... (just got a chill remembering it!) swooooon. Here I'll link it so you don't have to search: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmbQEQltOwM


I love the new look too!! I do miss the Lackawanna bridge though. grin


Thank you for your lovely words about my blog. It was good to hear today, since I've been under the weather the past few days.

I am off to check off the other blogs you mention.

Hopefully, you'll have a wonderful week...and the school matter will be dealt with quickly.

Lytton says hi to Lizzie!


Thanks so much for the link! I'll add you to mine and I look forward to reading the others. Yay Fabulon!!! It always gives me a laugh after a long hard day.


What...the little diva didn't get the starring role?

Lovin' the new look!


Hooray for a change. Tweaking the blog is so much easier to deal with than a bad tattoo. Hope the student will soon be adequately re-gruntled.


Like the new look. I will go and check out the links - thanks. It's always nice to read new blogs. Enjoy your weekend.


Groan...sorry about the student. I remember the fun of dealing with disgruntled parents (used to teach). I'm laughing out loud at Fabulon! Get back to knitting!


I am missing your posts ... what are you up to? I went and bought some new wool yesterday ... how many more scarves can I make??


Ohh those looking intersting! I'm gonna have to check them out! Like the new look. I need one for my blog, too. Are we feeling a little dark,dear? *hugs, love you, grins*


Thanks for the introduction to Fabulon...big fun!

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