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January 28, 2008



The location was great...how was the hotel overall? I'm always on the lookout for decent places to stay to visit Abigail. The last one was only marginally OK, but through Priceline we paid about what the online listed rates are for this hotel, and the location WASN'T that great. (although this one is quite a hike from her apartment....)


Looks like a wonderful trip, and your photos are gorgeous. Love the one in St Patricks.


ps, love the new look for the blog!

Nichole D.

I need to go back to NYC someday. It's just such a big city, you can't do enough in four days!

Glad you had fun!


Wonderful pictures - especially those last two! Sounds like a great trip! Blog looks great!


Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Be right back...


Sorry had an interruption...but, anyway...NYC sounded lovely! The hotel looked really nice! You know as many times as I have been to NYC I have never been inside the St. Patrick's Cathedral...and I know of at least 6 trips I taken there.


Paul I've been waiting for this post and it is as awesome as I thought it would be. Love the pictures. You know of all my time in the city I've only be to St. Pat's once. What a shame!

Hugs!!!!!! Miss your posts by the way.


It looks like you had a good time. The photos are beautiful.


Welcome back! Looks like you had a lovely trip and perfect weather.


Oh what a great trip! I enjoyed wandering through your hotel via cyberspace but was blown away by the music on the concert site. Lucky you!! It must have been soooooo fun!


ooo...I'm jealous.
Beautiful pics though!


Gorgeous photos - glad you had such a nice time. Did you buy any wool?


Ah, it was good to see another post from you. I haven't checked for a few days and yes, here it is. Your trip to New York must have been great fun. You visited lots of landmarks and got to see the concert. How was the concert, btw?

I'm still on a scarf-knitting kick, although I seem to be distracted by too many other things lately.

I haven't seen you on Twitter for a bit... I imagine life is busy.


I'm envious I love NYC and wish I lived closer. Fortunately I get another short visit in mid-May to meet up with a bunch of bloggers.

So you didn't mention much about the concert. It was the reason for this trip, no?


Honey I acknowledged you on my blog!!! Hugs and kisses.


What awesome pictures. You almost make me want to go there. Almost. With my luck I'd hit it in crappy weather and clotted with rude angry people. That station is empty!

So glad you had a good time. You deserved it!!


Love that shot of Atlas!!!

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