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December 01, 2007



How cute! Lizzie could make quite a few of Atticus - yet they look so happy together playing.

What breed is Atticus??


So cute, Lizzie looks very dignified compared to Atticus though.

Tristan Robin

they look so adorable together!




Awwww they both have that cute factor going for them. Hon what breed it Atticus?



Lizzie is the perfect gracious hostess. And she looks just worn OUT at the end! Delightful photos. Thanks for sharing!


Our son has four [!] dogs. They range in size from 18# to 180# They all play so well together.
The small one is usually the agitator; no one hurts him, at least on purpose!
I am not surprised at these cuties, having a ball together.
Thanks for the picture show.


Nothing better than doggie company. It's the only way we can wear our dog out so he looks like sweet Lizzie in the end.

Cute pics!


Where are Scout, Jem & Boo Radley?


Zoey has a friend that occasionally comes to play and she's worn out at the end also. They're so funny because like Lizzie and friend, Zo's friend is much smaller.

btw..,.do you have a new email addy? my notes to you are bouncing :-(

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