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December 18, 2007



That picture of the house across the street could be a Christmas card! Blessings on you, busy bee that you are. Keep your immune system strong, take your vitamins, and wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. I worry about you getting tired and stressed and vulnerable to bugs. I had to drop church choir because I always spent the first two weeks of January sick in bed after all the rehersals, advent caroling, then Christmas eve, midnight mass, and Christmas morning performances. I know you can't rest, so please, cupcake, take care of yourself.


Hey nice to see you back. I've been wondering how you are. I remember those crazy busy end of year concerts from when I was teaching - they are lots of fun, but a huge time suck.

Congrats on getting the job, sounds very exciting and you should be able to use lots of really cool music with a group like that.

Love your snow pictures, it's so hot here today I'm in bare feet and short sleeves...


Wow! Congrats on the new position and have a fantastic holiday!


Welcome back {{{Pauly}}} Glad things are going real well for you. Enjoy your wonderful snow and new position!!!


Tristan Robin

congrats on the adjunct appointment!

local jr. college? - which one is that?


Hi sweetie, I am so happy to hear you are alive and kicking! Oh, congrats on the new job - I think it is just what you needed to pull you out of your rut!!! Go for it and have fun...but, do take care of yourself, too!!!


Adjunct wooohoo! Yay for you. If I had read this in a timely manner, I would have been thinking of you building a group as I watched Clash of the Choirs. And, like
Roxie and the others said..take care of YOU


Congrats on the adjunct job! What a great opportunity.

Enjoy your winter break -- you deserve it!


Congrats on the job!! I think you'll really enjoy it.


Me busy too...just now catching up on my blogroll.

Those are beautiful pictures! We were lucky to get snow on Christmas, a rarity in Portland.

Best of luck with the new choir and Happy Holidays.


Sounds great about the adjunct professorship. Where is it? Haven't seen you around the Ravelry CNY group lately so I though I'd check in.

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