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November 05, 2007


Dave Daniels

What a great photo. I thought you had on a fur-lined hooded parka until I read who that was. :) TOO cute.
New Haven? Really? Interesting. I've been there. Maybe that should be a meet-up destination some time? Amcrash goes there from here.


okay that is entirely too cute. now i want a cute little puppy like that. thanks a lot! ;-)



7 pounds? That puppy needs some knitting done. Bet he is a cutie and great name. (big TKAM fan here)


I had the same first thought as Dave. Is he a wheaten terrier? Hard to tell from the photo but the fur looks right.

Tristan Robin

it was TERRIFIC having you here for the day!

next time: MORE TIME!


Great photo! Love the dog's name.


Hi! I just found you on Dave's blog and took a quick peek at yours. I was at Rhinebeck too! We must have bumped into each other because a lot of your photos look very familiar. I can't wait to sit down and really read your blog. Nice to 'meet' you! :)


Love that fur collar! Puppies know good people when they meet them. Lookin' good your own self!


Oh that is too cute!!!! So glad you had a blast. Were the leaves in color? I so love New England and NY during the fall.



Great fur cuff there! What kind of dog is he? (found ya from dd). Great score on the jo sharp!


What a great picture! My cat sits right there when I'm driving (she's better on a leash than in a crate). In the summer it can be annoying, but in the winter it works out quite well :)

Flyin' Needles

Too stinkin' cute... I thought you were in a big ol' fur parka until I read the post and looked closer. I'm glad you had a nice getaway in New Haven.


What a cute little puppers! Makes me want something small and furry.


Awww. What a good little snuggle one! Nice neck rest for sure, and what a great name. Guess who got a package today? I have to go post about it now. :-)


Great photos! Exactly what I saw on my lawn this morning when I went out with my puppy Owen. I love a cold, crisp autumn morn. Et vous?

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