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September 08, 2007



Sorry about the schedule! Hope things get better. Letters like that are why we teach. Right?


First of all hope the school year goes well...

Think it is great that your former student got in touch!! That makes teaching really worthwhile!

Berklee School of Music - they just did a program on the Boston Channel's Chronicle about the school. Then the gave them an older program to do the music soundtrack and it was beautiful!!! Wonder if your student helped on that!

Tristan Robin


if you talk to him again, please tell him I said hello!

Hope school gets less insane ... it usually does. :)


A bowl of vomit? Now there's a picture in my head I can do without. Def. need some new phrases to go with your new venture into life. I've very excited for you! And .. how cool that a former student took the time to reply back .. you really are an amazing teacher! Life's opportunities are endless, honey ... open the door and walk through ...


You're back! Yayyy!

I have noticed that men tend not to discuss their problems (because they think they should be able to solve them all by themselves?) But women happily piss and moan about any and everything because, even if no one can help, at least it releases some pressure. And it's surprising who might have just that one little bit of knowledge that turns things around.

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