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August 22, 2007



Hey sweetie, glad you've had a nice time visiting with Sprite...and Duane. Oh, I love that market!!! Glad you are home safe and ready for winter knitting!

Missed you this summer - but figured you were taking time for yourself as you should be!

Dave Daniels

Wow! I want some of that garlic! Look at it all. I'd have a field day with that for sure.
Glad to hear you took some time for a vacation. That's something you can't really do during the school year. And you have all winter to knit.


Glad you had a good time with Sprite and a nice relaxing summer. Good luck with the coming school year!


I was just thinking the other day that you'd been fairly scarce, but not unusual for the summertime, I don't think. I have my own Yosemite memories. I only had a half day to see as much as I could, having gotten to the park and pitched my tent well after midnight, but I stuck my head out of the tent the following morning and found myself in the shadow of Halfdome, which was a pretty damned breathtaking way to start the day.


You know that I am very jealous that you had some quality time with some of my favorite buddies. I can't wait to see the photos of you three!


Paul, just had to say how much I enjoyed meeting you. You are the funniest man on the planet... That's very high praise since I thought I was the King of Funny.

Now, go wash your hands and make me a cheese sandwich!


Nice to hear from you! The photos are stunning.


Great pictures.

Rhinebeck, but not VT S & W? Oh, well...


Sugar plum, you are worth waiting for. What splendid photos. so glad you had a good summer!


Oh, I miss you all ready!! Get back here now. I finally made my little shrimp dish. I love that place, Casa de Fruita ... but omg, I can see my casual capri's are frightful from the back side! *laughs* Good thing I wasn't out to impress anyone! *winks*

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