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July 02, 2007


Tristan Robin

It looks great...it needs a big honking cabbage rose on the side D


I agree! Add a Cabbage Rose! (It's adorable as is, however.)


So cute!

I think I need to see Lizzy modeling it. ;^)


Pauly it is simply wonderful. Is that thud I heard our Dave crashing to the floor?

He he he...


That's really cute, Paul. :D


It's very cute! You're a man of hidden talents :)
Is there a pattern or did you make it up?


Love the Limeaide topper. The accessory depends on the wearer. I can see three peacock feathers slanting dashingly down. Or a great garish 1950s sparkly broach. A honking big cabbage rose would be fun, as would some yellow silk mini-daffodils. Or how abour a cockade of wired ribbon? I love hats!


Pattern link please? Cuz I need to make that.


I love it and love the suggestion about the cabbage rose. Seems that lots of folks are dusting off their crochet hooks lately. I want to try one of those hooks with the thicker uhh..part you hold. Obviously my brain has already gone to sleep. G'nite.


Adorable hat! I agree, some sort of froo-froo would add just the right touch.


frou-frou is needed, but wow that's cute!

Tristan Robin

it's been weeks

are you gonna write something?!


Cute hat. Love the color and pattern, and a little froo-froo would be nice. Dress it up, baby!


THAT is just adorable! With or without adornment. Look forward to seeing the froo-froo adornment, though.

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