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June 13, 2007


Dave Daniels

Well, there you are! I knew you had year-end stuff coming up, and I know how that makes you feel reclusive. You'll be out of your shell for the summer very soon. Congrats on the 7# and sticking with the personal trainer. Hang in there, just a few more days...


Oh, "me" time is always good and very healthy. :) Enjoy it. It is great that you are focusing on your health and that you feel better. Yay!!


YAY! There you are.

Wow, sounds like you've been really working your ass off and getting some great results. That's fantastic.

We all need a little "me time" every once in a while. Those of us subscribed will always know when you drop us a new post. ;)


So happy to see that you are taking some "me" time. Sounds like the working out and personal trainer are really good for you! Hope the year end at school will be easy and that you will be ready for a nice summer!


Hugs to you..I am so proud of the work that you are doing and that you are focusing on Pauly. I understand how much work it can take when on this kind of program. It is so worth the effort!

..and so are you.



Hooray for you, Paul! Good posture is essential! Stand up tall and proud like the hero you are. I don't know how to subscribe to those feed thingies, so I have merely been checking in on you every day, and starting to worry a bit. So glad it was just a perfectly natural meditational retreat. big wishes for a happy, happy summer!


Great to hear from you. Congrats on the positive changes you are making, reading about your improved posture actually made me sit up straight and stop slouching at my desk lol.

Tristan Robin

personal trainer, huh? - sounds very Hollywood to me. :P

I finally found a doctor who would do the lap band surgery on me - I'm technically not overweight enough to have it done. Thank God there are greedy doctors. LOL

I already stand up straight - and I hate dieting - soooooooo - to surgery I go! LOL

Now I'm just hoping after I lose the weight I can afford the lypo and body lift :P


Glad to know that you are still out there. I know what you mean about turning inwards as the year wraps up.

Have a great summer, you deserve it!


The BFL program is tough! I've read about it over the years by have been too timid to commit to it. I think it's the eating part for me... I don't like shakes. I even flirted with starting it just recently, but seeing as I am not even getting in simple runs, I don't think I could handle it just yet.

Congrats on starting the program! Can't wait for more updates

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