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May 27, 2007



Good luck with the program!
Have a great holiday!

Tristan Robin

Good Luck!!!!

I had a personal yoga trainer for about six months last year. But at $70 an hour, I finally decided that I would just not be as flexible.
Let's face it - an extra $280/month is a lot of chocolate! :-)

(do I know this newly sculpted body person?)


Best of luck with the program and with the "being open" about possible job/life changes too. Change is good.


It must be the year of the healthy body! Keep up the good work.
Sheri in GA


I am so darn proud of you. I know that you will be a great success at this and you are an inspiration to us all to keep at it!


Yes! it really has been that long. ;)

Hey, great for you on your new program. Go for it!


Good luck with the training programme. I need to do something like that.


Good for you for getting back into an exercise program. I won't mention how long it has been since I have exercised.


You go hon! It is amazing how much more energy you will have. Sending good vibes for the jobs.


ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! Paul is going to metamorphose before our very eyes! What's that chance of before and after pictures? Can you imagine the degree of dedication you will have to the program if you know your entire fan base is rooting for you?

Good attitude about a new job, too. When it's right, it will show.

Hope you had a swell weekend!


Good for you, Paul!


Wonderful attitude about the job search!!! When it is right - it will happen. Think your new exercise program will be awesome!!!

Not doing much for exercise other than lifting and moving boxes as I unpack the new home. Although it is a nice walk to the dumpster to take my garbage - and am managing to walk around the complex at least twice a week!

Want to take a Yoga class - need the flexibility!!!


Yay Paul! That's such a great idea and you'll be the one that benefits! Have fun getting reacquainted with yourself. It's so exciting that you're open to so many changes. Have fun!


Wow.... I think I'm a little bit behind on my blog reading! So how's this program going for you? We need an update!

And you won't believe this. Paul. I dyed your yarn. :)

Now send me your address again - I'm ready for soap! Got any left?? hehe xoxox

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