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April 16, 2007



I'm so glad you had a good time with family members. It's nice to see family that gets along. It's not all that common these days. Great pictures too. And yes, the tragedy at Virginia Tech. What is wrong with people?


Whoa. Have some snow. Like you've not had enough this seaaon?

It's just windy here in MD, close to the PA border. We may get some more rain, it's still gloomy.

The news on the TV is just horrible today. So very sad.


That is a TON of snow! And that is SOOOOOOOO sad.


What a fun weekend!

Trying to get inside a deranged mind is futile. I do not think that any sane person can understand something like this.

Dave Daniels

Wow, you had more snow in one day than we had all winter. (And, really, I'm ok with that. Really.)
Virginia Tech? Something happened? Lots of stuff happens when I'm at work. Time to turn on the news.


Thank you for not sharing that snow with me.



My dog would be in heaven in that snow.
Spring snows are pretty but such a pain


How beautiful it is! It's just the way I imagined it'd look when I thought of your street covered in snow. Great pics, honey!

As to the VA. Tech thing - I can't let myself think about it too much - it's so .... top of the charts deranged.


Love the pictures of the snow! Virginia tech even made the news all the way over here.


You are a trooper! I would be moaning and whining all over the place with that stinkin' white stuff. And power loss too? Bummer!! Glad you're back with us.


That sounds like my kind of evening. I am so glad you had a blast, you work so hard during the week, you deserve it!!!


I hope you had a nice time in your recliner while the power was out! And the weekend sounds like a wonderful time. Glad you got to go.

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