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April 01, 2007



wow. that's great to hear about your wisdom tooth. my ex-dentist kept asking me about it too. and i always said no, since there was nothing wrong with them. that dentist has since moved away, and my new dentist hasn't asked me about them at all.

congrats on the new purchase. my friends are always telling me i am crazy whenever i am out furniture shopping and my only comments are if the chair would be good for knitting or not. i am still inclined to get a knitting chair, although i have all the furniture i need, so it would force me to re-think my whole setup.


We have recliners with built in heaters. I sometimes fall asleep with knitting in hand, and wake up with a stiff neck.

Will Lizzie be allowed on the chair?


Burgundy Leather? Did you steal my chair? No, wait, I'm sitting in it. Great minds think alike. *g* Good dentists are priceless!


Glad you got past the tooth thing okay. Those aren't fun.

New furniture IS fun, though...


You deserve it that's for sure! I'd love to have a recliner but all I have sat in were way too big for me. I'd prefer that my feet could reach the floor and that the headrest thing didn't push my head forward. Do they come in sizes like Small, Med, Large? LOL


From what I've seen, you got off pretty lucky with the whole wisdom tooth thing. I believe dentist standing on chair with one foot holding your head down is more or the less the norm. I wouldn't really know, though, 'cause my mouth is far too big for mine ever to have been a problem. I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing, but at least it was one dental surgery I didn't need.


Glad your tooth came out without trouble - I think you've been very lucky. Can't wait to see your new knitting chair.


Enjoy your new recliner - I adore mine, when I can manage to sit in it! :)

Tristan Robin

You lucked out with the wisdom tooth - good for you! I had stitches for days - oh - you knew that, didn't you LOL.

Now where the $%$#@!@%^ are the pictures of the play!?



Wow! My little man is so growing up!! *grins* Just think, at this rate, hon... you'll be an almost adult by the time you're 50!! *hugs*


Thank you for you work! Good Luck.


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