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April 21, 2007



Honey that yarn looks luscious enough to dive into. Now if you are serious about tatting and cannot find someone you let me know. My Mom, in Fleischmanns has been wanting to teach a class up there. She was travelling down here to teach tatting. I will definitely get you in touch with her and maybe the two of you can figure something out.


*Sigh* school always gets in the way of knitting pleasure and stash enhancement. Too bad educating America's youth is important! ;o)


Nice haul! Glad you enjoyed your vacation.


I always wanted to learn to tat but actually the only person that I've ever known that did it has now gone to that great needlework store in the sky.

You made quite the haul of yummy yarn. Should keep you busy for a day or two at least! *G*


wow, nice haul!!! i am jealous!!


Nice load of yarn! I haven't been to Elegant Needles in far too long (over a year!) And glad you passed Patchwork Plus on the way. I've been there and I like their selection (If you like very basic wool, the Ella Rae they carry in an amazing spectrum of colors is very nice!)
Which new shop did you visit near Syracuse? I know theres a new one in Manlius (a yarn for all seasons) that I haven't visited yet. And another out in Elbridge that is part knitting, part spinning that I need to take a drive too as well.

Glad you squeaked in a trip home. I haven't been home in a while - far too long actually!


Embiggen that photo, and OH MY!
I'm drooling here...
That's a visual feast...my fingers are itching to get into it!


What gorgeous colors! I want to wallow in them. And what a lovely way to spend a vacation! It sounds as if Patchworks could be a day trip all by itself.


hi! did you renet a room for Rinebeck? If so, where did you stay? I'm planning on a hotel but i'm looking for a place with lots of knitterly happenings.

Mary Lou

Grrrrr....I am soooo jealous....I went to that fabulous quilt shop the last time I visited my parents and scored some great yarn! I wish we had fabulous places like that near where I live now. I just returned from the largest Thespian State festival in America (7,000) in Tampa Florida...and had no time to stop at the yummy yarn and quilt stores in Tampa.
As a music teacher, you would have appreciated the wonderful individual events and mainstages that were presented!
Blogless Mary Lou...a fellow choral director


Wow - that knitting on the Lantern Moons looks so nice. Colours are yummy. I wonder what it will be??


Wow - that knitting on the Lantern Moons looks so nice. Colours are yummy. I wonder what it will be??


Sounds like you had a great Spring Break. And WOW...that's a great addition to your yarn stash. I really like the green colorway. For some reason...green is my new favorite color. Take care!


Love your loot! Do we get pictures of the tatting shuttle? There's a book by Jones that has a great guide to tatting instructions in it, she gives a variety of methods. Very fine crochet cotton works well, but if you really want the tatting to pop try Brazilian Embroidery thread, and if you need some help, just ask. I taught myself to tat a few years ago.


Love your loot!

Pictures of the tatting shuttle please. I've got some tatting books at home that I've found useful I'll send you the titles and authors, your local library may have them. Very fine crochet cotton is great for tatting, but if you really want it to be stunning try Brazilian embroidery thread, something about the twist just sets it off.


Looks like fun... if you ever have a change get some Malabrigo... same company and the Manos but way softer...

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