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March 06, 2007



Sorry it's so cold up there. That's why we moved here. It's 70 here today! The birds are coming in droves, the azalia's are in bloom and this is why I love the south!
Sheri in GA


As long as you have enough dogfood, people food and toilet paper, you should be ok. Cuddle up with Lizzie and finish that Dave Daniels hat. You nned it!!


Thanks for the link. I am spending some time with it and like the smiley feeling. It's been a long day ...


We had similar weather this week (and are still having it!) but no more snow days since last Friday.

Not quite mid-March weather, but we're overdue, I guess.

Have fun at rehearsals!


Hope it's warmed up a bit by now. I'm sure everything is going to come together and it will be the best Charlie Brown EVER! Thanks for the link!


I hope your weather is playing nice there now. :D


Ohhhh, honeyyyy. I planted spring flowers today. Feel better? Next time I wanna come drink mocha's with you and Miss Lizzie. I'll even make your kitchen feel like it's supposed to cook food! *laughs*

Hope it's warmer now, hon. *big hugs n lots of loves*


Paul Paul Paul, you know those kids will do wonderful opening night. No problem. You know those miracles always happen somewhere between last dress rehearsal and the curtains rising on opening night!

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