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March 20, 2007



Do you have a spring break coming up? That'd be a great way to catch up on sleep and some knitting. ;^)


Welcome Back busy guy! Yeah... what about spring break? I hope you catch up on your sleep and get to enjoy some relaxing activities. :)


I sat at the computer with tears in my eyes. I composed a short song, Tears on My Keyboard...sung to the tune of Tears on my Pillow. I used the "F" word---pronounced FECK in Ireland several times.

Actually I had an afternoon dentist appointment that kicked my butt, came home and had three Advil and slept for two hours so I could stay awake past 9 last night. Sprite kept me company, we talked about you.

Hmmm...no mention that you also HAD A BIRTHDAY on 3/18. Tossing confetti in the air...that's a day worth celebrating for me!


Hi honey... rest, rest, rest! We'll talk again soon.. and I'll get your vali-bd box mailed before... EASTER! :) Love You, hon.

And yes.. Ann and I gossiped about you. *grins* It was so juicy!


I hope it's spring break for you so you can have some time to rest and regroup and hang out with your peeps on yahoo *G*


Happy birthday, you shy sweetie. Time to CELEBRATE!


Looking forward to reading your posts once you've had your rest.


Welcome back, congratulations and Happy Birthday! Glad the show went well. When does your break start?


Okay darling where are the pics?
I am glad all went well and your time was well spent. Miss reading your posts.


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