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February 11, 2007



You're alive! :D


Good luck with the rehearsals. I'm only half way through my Dave knitty thing. It's half term here from Monday so my two are off college and school. That and work will keep me busy.


You certainly deserve a mental health day! Take one and enjoy.


Nice to see that you don't have 100 inches of snow to deal with on top of everything else. No knitting in hand during the run-throughs?


Just the thought of all that makes me want a nap! I think you definitely deserve a mental health day.


Ah, the mental health day. Hope you took one...


My Dave knitting has slowed down here too. I was feeling the need to get something completed so i finally did a two day push to get Deb's socks done...a bit late for Yule. LOL!!

Thank goodness this is a no pressure KAL!


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