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February 24, 2007


Dave Daniels

Wow, I was wondering why you were so quiet this week, thinking you were off on another traveling adventure. Those photos are so wonderful.
Talking about rehersals during Feb break reminds me of when I was a kid and we did rehersals at the same time for OUR TOWN. That was fun in a corny sort of way. Looking forward to hearing about your production.


Sound like a really busy week! Glad to hear the play is coming along!!! And, that the kids are enjoying working on it.

Think it was awesome how much you all got accomplished on you make a quilt day. And, the fact that everyone blended so well together is ever better. Hopefully, they will have made friends that will last by sharing in a project and working together.


Well done for all the hard work you have put in for the school performance and those lovely blankets.


You're a Good Man Pauly....



What a good thing you did for Project Linus. We've been on the receiving end of blankets while the kids were at the hospital a few times... they are always so, so appreciated.

Good luck with the play!


Busy, busy Paul! I'm so glad that your Linus day went so well. How cool it is to watch people from diverse groups meld together. I wish there was more of it around here. And what a great load of blankets. The kids will really love them.


Wow. Cool blankets. Sounds like the event was a wonderful success. Way to go!

Ahhh, programs coming in from the printer...how i miss collating and using the staple machine!



id the quilters bring their sewing machines, or were they quilting alreaady pieced tops? Did the knitters actually finish blankets while there? What a wonderful project. Hoooray Paul!

What sort of costume are you using for Snoopy? Wish we could all come and watch.


Way to go! Charlie Brown is one of my favorite shows -- good luck with it!


The blankets look amazing. Good luck with the performance, are they only doing one show?


That was a really nice thing for you to do. 25 blankets is a lot! That's wonderful!


Wow, that looks like it was a great time. Gorgeous, colorful blankets!


Totally cool, hon. I love all those creative blankets. Rehersals almost done? I know you've been busier than busy. That's why you get all the big bucks. *giggles*

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