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February 16, 2007



That message has a strength unmatched by any.... I'm glad you shared it.


Matty has taken the words right out of my mouth. Thank you for posting it.


Thank you Paul.


Excellent post. Thank you.

Lilith Parker




(I will share with my daughter & son!!)


Thank you! Excellent words!


Thank you.


Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.


The POWER of the written word... excellent, honey... truly excellent. *big hugs*


It's hard to read that. Thanks for posting it.


Yayyy Paul! This absolutely addresses the root of the problem. If we treated property crimes the way we treat sexual assault, well, if a guy goes out at night wearing an Armani suit and a Rolex, gets drunk and passes out, obviously he is asking to be robbed, right? When he wakes up bruised and bleeding and stark naked, he will have only himself to blame, right? And if he reports it,when it was his fault in the first place,how much sympathy will he get from the authorities? And sexual assault is WORSE than mugging. You don't often get unwanted pregnancies or embarassing diseases when you are mugged.


I'm so glad I read this Paul. It really goes back to the post I had last week. Treating someone wrong isn't as black and white as whether someone is actually raped or not. Harrassment. Verbal abuse. Emotional abuse. Neglect. I know that men and boys have those experiences happen to them too but the focus here is when men are abusing women. The women and girls who are the victims are permanently affected. Bruises go away. Unwanted pregnancies can even be ended. But the emotional effect is for life. But even deeper to the root of the problem.... what are we doing wrong to make men and boys think it's okay to treat women and girls wrong? Are we raising boys to disrespect girls that act trashy? Are we making girls think it's okay to act trashy and they can just blow the whistle when a boy rapes her? Is it the boy's fault for not having self control? Is it both of their faults for being in a bad situation that endangers both of them?? Hard hard questions and lots of thoughts. Instead of looking for fault I know we should be raising these children to respect themselves and respect others. My heart really goes out to the ones that aren't getting the best possible chance to be armed with the right kind of upbringing. Terrible vicious cycle, huh?


This is a fantastic post! Thank you!

Nichole R.

WORD. I'm going to go post it right now.


Amen. Seems pretty simple, doesn't it??

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