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February 04, 2007



You and Dad have chosen wisely. Did Dad knit?


Lizzie, you sure are smart! Isis and Zac just seem to think they should be out running in the cold and snow all the time. They should pay attention to how you and your Dad do things...


AWWWHHH. Sweet dreams of your favorite kinds of sticks to both of you!


I understand that it is cold outside, but I've been avoiding personal experience. Seems cold enough in here.


Now that's the face of contentment.


Lizzie, y'all had the very best idea! And it looks like you were thoroughly enjoying yourself.


I never left the house either. Too cold for me!


Lizzie, you definitely had the right idea! Staying inside, warm, with some lovely wool to knit sounds heavenly.


Sometimes ya just gotta stay in and snuggle, huh Lizzers?? *big hugs*


Are you two snowed in? If so, send some snow to MD, we have had very little!

How's the "Dave Along" going? I'm making progress on my lace shawl and am thinking of frogging one sock on needles and switching over to a Dave yarn for socks. I bought some of the "Maize". ;)


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