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January 07, 2007


Dave Daniels

Beautiful photos, Paul! We've had the same misleading weather here, too. It scares me what we have in store for us later...


I love the third one down. Great shots!


Those are GREAT pictures, hon! It is scary that there's not more of the white stuff running around this year .. or that it's not a little colder. Mid 50's is CA kind of winter. Today we have sweatshirt, sweater weater, probably somewhere in the later 60's.

Tristan Robin

gorgeous pics!

we're also having ridiculous winter weather - yesterday in the high 60's and today in the high 50's.

for January in New England?! LOL unheard of. We took the dog to a local park - which is always abandoned this time of the year because it's always impassable due to snow - and it looked like spring!

Enjoy the nice weather - it either means we're gonna get socked in with wicked winter storms soon - or we're gonna fry from global warming :-P


Beautiful photos!!


It was 70 degrees here in NJ on Saturday - incredible!


Gorgeous just gorgeous. I miss NY when you talk and post pictures about it. Then I have to remember the taxes LOL.


I'm luvin' the weather in New York!!! Thanks for the pics.


So how did the bottle drive go?

I want to get in line with those peole who are applauding your wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing!


I'm thinking that 3rd one would be a great yarn colorway. Well, actually all of them would, but I'd pay for the 3rd one!


Gorgeous pictures! So how did the bottle drive go?


Same in Vermont, although there is a dusting of snow on the ground this morning.

Nice pictures.


I know what you mean about the weather. It's January in Minnesota! Where's the snow?

It just ain't fittin'.

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