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January 28, 2007



Oh my, you are simply quite wonderful, and so is that hat! One can't go wrong with Dave yarn!


The yarn is knitting up beautifully. It reminds me of buttered popcorn. The color is softer than I thought it would be. Really think that hat is going to be nice.


You just couldn't wait, could you? I'm wondering if I have that same yarn in my stash. Will have to check that out.

The start of your project looks great.


You're right, the yarn is gorgeous!



I can't wait to see the hat it grows up to be, and good work on the circular!

Dave Daniels

Great photos. It's true, the flash makes a BIG difference.
I'm curious to hear your review of knitting with circs. You know, another man's opinion. I find I am getting hand cramps from the short needles. (I have no trouble with DONs of any size.)


Simply lovely, even better than I imagined when you showed me that pattern. I knew you would tackle that circular needle and figure it out. Even I haven't been brave enough to try cables on a circular..but I am a chicken...


Oh very pretty! The color makes it look even warmer. Ummm buttery!


Oh, that's just loverly. The jury's out on circs for me. I'm not sure if I like 'em or not ...haven't used them enough. Can't wait to see next photos of the hat. :) It already looks warm. :D


I really, really love that color.



The knitting looks lovely. Colour is beautiful. Hope you don't mind me commenting I have some of Dave's fantastic yarn and have joined the KAL.


That colorway is like buttah! I start teaching this week; wish me luck!


Wayyy pretty! I hope you realize that you will eventually need to go to dpns if you decrease at the top. None-the-less, I LOOOOVE circs!


Ok. You just sold me on that colorway! Someday.

Now i'm feeling the need to swatch for my project...i was going to wait until Friday, but you had to go and get all ahead of us. Now i feel behind. ;)



Is that the "Maize" color? Whatever it is, it's looking just wonderful.

Must check stash, buy more Dave yarn...


Yummy!! Looks like butterscotch to me! Or carmel? Mmm!

Will you respond to this so I can have your email address? I can'd find it and I wanted to check out what you said your color preferences were for the yarn/soap swap!


La la lOVE this color. Doesn't it match my hair perfectly?? Tried to leave feedback on this eons ago, but I was experiencing the typepad curse.


That yarn is beautiful!

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