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September 02, 2006



Oh gosh, you have the same yucky sky as mine...and rainy too...have a wonderful week-end...

Dave Daniels

And we have the same nasty sky here in Boston, too. It's perfect movie watching and knitting weather, though!


LOL be thankful none of those wonderful looking limbs came through LOL.

But don't fret you will have wonderful blue skies soon.



Shaking a fist..it's that damn Ernesto. It felt like fall here today with temps in the low 60's. My feet are cold tonight and I am dressed in sweats and a long sleeve shirt..brrrrrrr


Paul, I clicked the picture larger. I looked at it closesly... and I got crossed eyed. *grins*

We have a grey sky, too! Ours is called ... pollution. *rolls eyes*

Feel better soon, hon... think positive. :) I know how much back stuff s-u-c-k-s!


The Saturday sky in the Syracuse area is gray and dreary. Yep, pretty much like yours. Enjoy the holiday.


It was gray and rainy here too, and cool..and I loved it! What a nice change. I love the view out your window.

Back things are sometimes slow to heal. So hang in there, as if you have a choice. Maybe your knee doc will have new ideas

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