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August 18, 2006



yay for dave & the shout out, because i had just added you to my bloglines, last week & would have went about thinking you were the person who never updated.
changing blogs can be a drag.
i've done it 3 times now. aye!


I thought maybe you were still trekking the country side during the summer. Glad Dave posted it or I'd still be waiting to read your blog! Welcome back.
Sheri in GA


I'm glad that Dave posted your forwarding address. Sorry to hear about your blog. Hopefully this one will be better.


Hi Paul, I'll update my bloglines. I think you'll like Typepad. I've been 98.9% happy with it. (hee)


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, and I absolutely DO like Typepad A LOT! It's so organized! Everything looks so NEAT! And another thanks you to Dave! He's just the best!


I'm so glad Dave gave us the heads-up. Like Sheri, I'd still be sitting at the old blog going, "Wow. Paul must be on a really long trip this time..."

Congratulations on your 'new home'. :)


YAY! I'm glad you're at Typepad now. :D Even though getting locked out of your old system isn't the best way to go about switching. o.0

If you want any help making a header or some nifty link buttons let me know. ;)



Hi Paul! Welcome to Typepad!! I love it myself. Just don't lose the key to the front door this time okay? heh

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