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September 25, 2007



Oh, good to see you! I've done the meme before...so, I'll pass this time.

On sewing machines - I have a New Home that I got in Tennessee - it was around a couple hundred (maybe a little less)...and it is awesome. I've never had a problem with it. The Janome is nice to...


I would recommend the Janome Gem for general all purpose sewing. I am a quilter and bought it because it is small and lightweight, I think it handles all basic sewing tasks. About $199

Tristan Robin

I love my Juki - it only does straight stitch (no zigzag, buttonhole or embroidery stitches) ... but the stitch is beautiful - straight, even, and tight. It has automatic thread cutter and knee operation attachment. It's heavy duty and will take serious pounding, but heavy - it's all metal - no flimsy plastic pieces. You can lower the feed dogs, but if you don't quilt that wouldn't be of much use to you.

I can't believe you're going to sew! :-P


I bought a fairly basic Kenmore - not the bottom rung, but not far from it - after I bought my first house in '98. It's been a decent, useful machine, and I think I only paid around $150 (though that was likely a sale price). It has made several curtains very successfully, as well as a small lap quilt. And one day when I have space and time (haven't found the right spot on the continuum, apparently), there are other quilts planned, and likely more curtains.

Nichole D.

I love Swiffer stuff, too! As far as sewing machines, every one I've owned had been a Brother, and I've loved every single one of them.


Love my Bernette but it is a good 14 years old at this point so I do not know what is out there.

No cell phone? You are one of the few! My younger staff have cells but no landlines.


No sewing machine advice. I'm still using the steel Singer I got when I was fifteen - fourty two years ago.

Cell phones are the tool of the devil.


As far as sewing machines go, I purely loooove my White "Jeans machine" - it's a good basic workhorse, and will sew through six layers of coat-weight wool as if it was chiffon. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but a solid performer. Mine's 23 years old, and still going strong.

While I do own a cell, it only gets powered up if I'm having an emergency and need to make a call (about 3 times a year).


I have a Janome and it's given me no problems. Cell phones are a necessity where I live, unfortunately, I wish I could do without one.


I'll be interested in what you decide. I still use my old Singer Featherweight. I have another machine that's about 18 years old and I really don't like it..or maybe it doesn't like me. But I do like the overcast stitches.

Flyin' Needles

I have an old Viking (the parts on the inside are actual metal instead of plastic!) and love it to death. Between my machine and my mother's many, many machine nightmares, I have learned this: pick a trusted brand and buy only what you need. In my case, that meant a machine that sews a straight seam and buttonholes.

Good luck!

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