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May 11, 2007



Sounds more like a CV than a resume Paul! Have a great save trip and fun at the play. :)


Paul, I have done resumes as a part-time freelance thing, and usually one page is good. However, if you have more than one degree, and if you have done other things, such as taught workshops or given speeches, or whatever is more than just "teaching," I think you can feel free to get away with more because then it is a CV more than just a resume and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Three pages is a lot, though!

Tristan Robin

you're gonna L*O*V*E "Grey Gardens!!!!" It's so much fun - and the singing is awesome!


I am confident that you will find what you are looking for..you have lots of great people in your corner cheering you on!


I look so damn good in that little cheerleader outfit too!


I would wear my cheerleader outfit, but over the years my pompoms have gotten sort of floppy.

Resumes are hard work! Especially for someone as talented and experienced as you.
Where are you looking to go? I know you will be a treasure to whoever hires you. And poop on your current bosses for not valuing you sufficiently!


christine ebersole soooo good. have fun:-)


Hey darling NC is crazily looking for teachers. ;-) you even have a place to stay while you interview and then when you try to get settled ;-)



Do you plan on staying in the east or try us out in the wild wild west?


I hope everything goes will!!

By the way...Check my knitting blog also!!




I hope everything goes will!!

By the way...Check my knitting blog also!!




Good luck with your job hunting. I'm sure you'll find something which will be more worthwhile and will utilise your talents and experience.


Good luck with putting your name out there. The universe will send something wonderful in your direction I'm sure. When my husband was looking for a job relatively recently we paid for a professional to help him put his 'stuff' together since he had done a wide variety of stuff - something you might want to consider, then again that got him a job in Africa, so you may not want to..lol


Oh I'm hoping that you find something that is a bit challenging and a totally great work environment. Whoever chooses you would get a heck of a deal!


I think updating the CV and seeing what comes of it is a good way to go.

If you even consider NC as a possibility, though, I would only think about the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, or possibly Asheville.


You'll find a cool new job, hon. And who wouldn't LOVE to have you at their school? If I didn't love you so much, I'd be jealous about your trip to NYC and the musical! Fun, fun!! *hugs*


Thfft! Google Reader is way behind the times. I missed this last week. Sorry you feel your administration isn't good for kids. Good luck in the job search!

Lilith Parker

Good luck with the job search.!

And... tag, you're it! Read my blog for details. ;)

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