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March 24, 2007



Welcome Back! Good work with the blankets!


Welcome back...you were very much missed--although I still talk to you almost every night.


Congratulations on the accumulation of blankets for a great cause!


Now that's a lot of blankets!!!


The spring play, the time change, the spring prom, SATs and ACTs, no one but a high-school kid would have the energy for it all. But the director of the play puts in that much work and more. Bless your dear heart, Paul! You have EARNED your early nights and a few weekend naps as well.

What a feast of blankets! Bravo!


Glad to hear you're back and well rested and Lizzie has been walked,loved and cuddled. Great picture of your trunk and all those baby blankets. What a wonderful cause.
Sheri in GA

Lori in Washington

I work in an elementary school and would love to do a similar event. How did you get started? Did you keep notes?? " ) If so, would you share them with me?
This is an awesome project and a great way to teach kids about giving back.


Glad to see you back! 57 blankets is an awesome contribution, the kids must feel great about that.


There you are! :D

I'm glad the play went well and is over now. I hope you can find that balance. Seems unfair that you have to lose yourself to it every season.

I hope we see some knitting soon. ;)



Glad to see you back...glad the play went well. I know how hard you worked on it.

Those blankets look beautiful and they are so going to make someone happy!


You're a good man, Charlie Brown. *hugs*


Paul that is so awesome for you to do the blanket day. I am so sure they are appreciating all that hard work and time spent.

I definitely know what you mean about trying to find balance.


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