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February 14, 2007



Whooo, lots of snow! Enjoy those roses - I think eveyone should buy themselves flowers.


Those houses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Happy Valentine's Day. Love the snow photos. Enjoy your roses.


What a perfect way to spend Valentine's Day! Knit, nap... watch the snow fall. Ahhhhh.


Sounds like just what the Dr. ordered, R&R! Enjoy your day.


2 feet of snow! Yikes! We have mostly ice and sleet here. Made for fun driving. Not.


*sigh* I wish we were getting 2ft., but so far it looks set to disappoint.

I've tried contacts multiple times over the years. They were very handy when snorkeling in Hawai'i last summer, but otherwise my eyes just don't like them. So glasses it is for me.


Enjoy your snow. Your town is very picturesque.



Yay on the roses! I'm so glad you rewarded yourself for being so fine! That house really does look like a Currier and Ives print. Thanks for letting us visit your neighborhood. Stay warm and enjoy your days off.

Dave Daniels

Wow, it must suck being a teacher, huh? ANOTHER day off from work? (And don't even talk about summers off.)
Oh, and I'm sure the red house is finally sold. I never got my chance since I waited forever to find out the name of the real estate agent. (And Ann knows what I'm talking about here.) So much for our summer retreat.
Hope all is well, and that you have plenty of coffee stocked up. You know, in case you have MORE snow days. And, don't you have ALL of next week off for Feb school vacation? I think I'm in the wrong profession...


I am soooo jealous that you are going to have another snow day. Why can't they close hospitals when the snow flies? Dang!


snoooow day x TWO! I've been checking to see if the city of Syracuse closes again tomorrow - I have my doubts though. Which means I'll be outside at 6AM starting to shovel the PATH for the kids to get on the bus. Then spending the rest of the day digging out the driveway!


Ohhhh... I love snow days! I wish I was snowed in with you!! Drink Chocolate .. lots of it.. and think of me! *big hugs*


Rofl!! Enjoy your rest and uh, try to get some knitting done, will ya? ;)



We've got the double snow day going on here in Vermont too and we've made the most of it. I could have used a little quiet-alone time, but hey, a houseful isn't bad either. Your day sounds marvelous. Love the pictures.


God I miss snow days. Nothing better in the whole world.


What is it about a snow day that makes it SUCH a luxury? You've been working really hard, so I hope you are really relishing this rest-break!

What a charming, quaint neighborhood you live in! Thanks for sharing.


Wow, three days off! You lucky thing, you are stocked up with lots of provisions like knitting yarn and coffee right?


We have tons of snow...and it is so beautiful...very Currier & Ives...

Mother's day out was closed yesterday and today...so, we slept in REALLY Late! And, now I'm relaxing.

Tristan Robin

I don't envy you all that snow - but we did have a terrific ice storm last night that closed down ... well ... the STATE. LOL Still very very little snow - but coooold. That wind whips over the Atlantic and freezes everything it hits!

Best headline of the day: "International Global Warming Conference Canceled Due to Ice Storm"


You are stealing all of our snow days! The City did not even cancel after-school programs on Wednesday despite 4 inches of icy-sleety-snowy-slushy mush on the ground. Plenty to slip in and not good enough for snow balls! By yesterday it was so hard you could walk on top of it without making a dent.

I want your snow! (Oh wait, even if we got it they wouldn't close school!)

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