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December 03, 2006



Did the new rose soaps get silicone dyed again?

Dave Daniels

That's a HUGE batch of soaps, Pauly. It'll take you YEARS before oyu need to buy another bar, huh? lol


wow, you have been so busy! Looks like the second batch of roses escaped being dyed. You are the soap master!


those soap recipes sound divine!! i can practically smell them from here.


What ever you do, don't bend over in the shower! *grins*

Wow, Pauly!! You have been one BUSY boy! That's a lot of soap! How cool! Having personally sampled your soap, I have to say it's rather lucsious! *winks*


The soap looks good enough to eat! Did the silicone ones escape the dye?


I'm ashamed to admit I pulled in a deep breath before I realized I was trying to smell the soap. Uhm.... I think I need more coffee. They look lovely, Paul.


Just shows all of our never-ending talent. Not only do you do a lovely job knitting - but, you also do a great job making soap. This batch turned out just as lovely as the first...


Wow! How incredibly fun! Are you really giving it all away for gifts? Interested in a little soap/yarn trade? :)

I got a soap making book from the library last summer. I'm really going to have to make some of that! Really great for gifts!


Wow...that should keep you sudsy for a good long time! It looks awesome.


Scrub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub.....

You'll certainly have enough soap for everyone in the tub!


I had no idea you had such a hygiene problem. Where's the soap on a rope?



The soap is really going to make some great gifts (found your blog through crafty dad)


Can I buy one?

Looks great!!

Visit my knitting blog too!!


That soap looks amazing. I've always been too afraid to work with lye...i know, i'm a dork ;)



Oooooh. I love handmade soap. That reminds me that I just ran out of the last batch I bought.

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