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December 09, 2006


Shawn Lang

Ahh, yes. The gloomy, gray winter skies of upstate NY. I remember them well. I only seem to miss them around this time of year.

Congrats on the laps!


Hooray for swimming! that's TWICE in a row! Good on you! And getting started now beats the crowds when everyone makes their new year resolutions. Rent a locker now while they're still available.


I want pictures of you in the Carharts unzipped to show off the Speedo you wear for swimming..maybe that can be your Christmas card?



You are one sick bitch...



Yep, feel like a slug again. Just might have to go to the gym tomorrow. I did go to work oday, though.
I'm beginning to hate the holiday deadine.


Ok put me on that list for pictures LOL I can't wait.


Congrats on the laps! Exercise? What's that? Oh, and VERY nice Christmas tree too.


Gosh I got so distracted by the pole barn building Ann that I totally missed thinking about speedos and carharts! LOL

OK so plan for the scarf to be a back-from-the-holiday gift. Maybe that will lessen the stress and who knows, maybe it will go really fast


I would pay for Carhartt pics...

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