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December 02, 2006



I only wish I could smell through the Internet!


Is the reason they only have to stay in for 24 hours because there is not olive oil? Those in the bowl look good enough to eat!

Dave Daniels

OMG, you're really doing up the soaps. Will you be supplying some local shops with this goodness? It all looks so good.


Stephen, I wish you could smell them, too! yummy!

Susan, yes, only 24 hours for the basic recipe - 10 cups tallow, 3 cups cocoa butter. It takes longer for olive oil.

Dave, every now and then I think about doing that, but there are several people here that sell homemade soap, and I think there are health standards that have to be met if you're going to sell it to the public, with not only what goes into the soap, but also the physical space where the soap is made (like any restaurant kitchen has to be constructed to code). I've thought about looking into that, but I just never got around to it...


Rose and tangerine? Mmmmm! Sounds like a lot of good, clean fun. Good work, Sir!


Those must smell heavenly! You do good work...


Those look really nice. So where do you get lye & tallow??????? I have always been intriged with soap making.


Rose and Tangerine!!!!!
wow, oh wow! oh wow!!!


Hey! The next time I come visit, I want to have a soap party, too! How fun is all that? And it looks SO good and I'm betting it smells even better! Dave's got a good idea... look into the rules and regulations of it all... with all those crafty shops in your area, I do bet there's a place you can sell some of them at. They also would make great gifts. *hint,wink,hint,wink*

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