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December 06, 2006


Dave Daniels

Now don't go crazy with all those athletic acrobatics and nujure yourself. Go S-L-O-W-L-Y, ok? But YAY for going back to it.

Tristan Robin

good on you!!!!

(and your christmas tree looks gorgeous!)


nujure yourself? is this some inside joke? heh

I'd say 900 is great! I'd even say 500 is great for being away for 8mo! I'd be doing good to get in 500. I really need to do that. When my contract with Curves runs out. I hate paying for that stupid thing and not going. But I don't want to pay for the Y and Curves and not go to either one! Ugh. I need to exercise.


900 is plenty!

You're making me feel guilty for skipping swimming tonight. I'm happy if I get to the pool twice a week.

Maybe your new inspiration will inspire me to get out and move more: gym, yoga or otherwise.


Make the rest of us feel guilty for not exercising! I don't know how much a yard is (we're metric here), but it sounds like a lot! Way to go, hope you're not too sore for knitting.


Wow I'm impressed. If I tried to swim that far I would be a drowned knitter. Do swimmers do warmups? Hoping that your arms are functional today!


You'll be sore but your heart will thank you! Congrats on the swimming.
Sheri in GA


Yay Paul!! Good for you! That's one in a row!


Yay!! Good for you, hon! *big hugs and does the happy dance*


Swimming is great exercise! I always feel relaxed after swimming laps. Swim on (and knit too)!


You make me feel like a slug.
Do it again.


It's always hard to go back to exercising after a lay-off. Congrats!


I am so proud of you...

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