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November 26, 2006


Dave Daniels

Wow, that is an excellant tutorial! I only have one or two bars left of the soap you sent me. It's wonderful stuff. Now I can't wait to see the next part of the process. I've always wanted to try making the soap, but something about the lye scares me.


Great tutorial, I bet it smells great too. I'm with Dave, the lye scares me too.


Wonderful. More work than I can handle right now, but I love to see the process.


oh yeah baby! I so want to learn to do this. Do the pans have to be used only for soap? Where do you get the tallow? Cocoa butter? And..um is the olive oil food grade? And you thought with this post you'd shut me up. Silly boy!


Oh I love hand made soap! I have never tried making it myself. I usually buy a bunch of it at the different fiber festivals. Thanks for showing how it's done.


Hey this is good stuff! We've made soap the "cheater's way": where you buy the block of it and melt it in the microwave, add some color and scent and pour it into molds. But this....wow....now THIS is soap making. I may have to try it.

NOTE TO SELF: Get some rubber gloves!


What a great tutorial on soap making...I've made glycerine soaps in the past = but never any of the lye based soaps...I too have a fear of lye...


That kinda resembles how my Thanksgiving gravy turned out!


Thanks, Paul. It looks much easier than I'd imagined after reading my soapmaking book (the book is lovely, but scared me away from actually DOING it.)

Tristan Robin

knitting? - soap making?

do I know you??? :-P

looks like terrific soap!

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