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November 28, 2006



Did you need my new mailing address?

Thanks for the tutorial, I am a real newbie at this type of venture. I believe I will leave it to the experts!

Dave Daniels

Thanks, Pauly, it's very cool to see the process. Why do they have to sit for a couple of weeks? What do they have to do? (Yeah, if I had hair, I'd be a blonde.)


Dave, the soap needs to really harden to finish the process. Right now, even though it's a solid, it's not a totally hard solid (even though I was able to turn it out of the pans, it was still a trifle soft and sticky. Not hard and dry. Which is why we cut it at this point - while we still can.). It needs to rest and fully cure. It's still a little sticky and moist. Now there's a visual for ya...


That is so cool! I am very impressed.


What a great tutorial. I did wonder how you were able to cut it so easily since all the soap I know is hard. Tricker! Weird about the silicone molds but that yellow one looks like you planned it that way.


Yummy. It looks like chocolate chip cookie dough. Can you tell I'm hungry?


Thanks for the update Paul. Those will make great gifts. I really like the rustic look of them. Well done!


Thanks, Paul. It was great to see it all the way through. I think the rose ones look just fine for gifts. Do the molds look lightened at all, or do you think they'll run on the next batch, too? I wonder if spraying them with something would provide enough of a barrier? Probably not. You know, I don't think I've ever seen white silicone pans.

At any rate, thanks for sharing the soapmaking adventure. :)


They look great, I've really enjoyed watching the process from start to finish too.


That was really interesting to see the entire process. The flower ones are really pretty...don't see any reason why they can't be used as gifts...the thing that is most important is that it was made with lots of love for someone...

Tristan Robin

These look wonderful! - I especially like the cinnamon bun ones! They look just like the buns at IKEA!

I'm impressed to no end LOL.


Is it crazy that I want to eat them? They look like tasty sweet rolls!


Hi.. I followed a link from Mia's comments and noticed the pic of the Nicholson Bridge (but your in upstate NY now right?) Are you FROM Nicholson? I'm from Factoryville, raised there, educated there, and so on. Now live in Syracuse.


wow... that looks like a lot of work, but pretty darn cool. Hope it smells just as good :)


wow... that looks like a lot of work, but pretty darn cool. Hope it smells just as good :)


WOW! They are awesome. I just love the rose ones, but then again I'm partial to roses.

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