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October 14, 2006



I love this season. You can still do outdoor activities and also enjoy the cozy things like knitting and watching good TV. Great picture Paul! :)


All hail BBC America, except for the endless showings of Cash in the Attic, which I believe is on 18 hours a day lately.

And the UK version of the Office. Ah.

Dave Daniels

Pauly, GREAT photo! The enlarged version is even more better.)
Eastenders I don't know, but Little Britain is something else.


Beautiful photo, Paul. The cross country event sounds like it was fun. You are so lucky to still get to experience all those fun fall high school activities - and forego the traumas, lol! A friend and I went out to dinner last night, and there was a continuous parade to the ladies room of young women in all their finery - obviously there was a Homecoming dance for one of our schools here. Deja vu...


Eastenders, no way, but I'm with Dave, Little Britain rocks. But now I'm depressed, because tv here sucks. Thanks Paul. Great picture.


What a beautiful sky. We didn't get any rain here in CT.
I haven't seen Eastenders yet. Is it a sitcom?


I used to watch Eastenders in graduate school. I love the music that opens the show.


Awesome picture. There's nothing like spending the day outside so that you can later go inside get comfy and knit.

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