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September 09, 2006



Having the 3rd graders sing with the high schoolers sounds like a grand idea. I don't have a clue about what song but I'm sure you will choose the perfect one.


Oh I am so glad your back is doing better and you are loving the new gig.

How about something from the Sound of Music?

Hugs sweetie!


I knew that you would find a way to make the best of this....thing usually have a way of happening for a reason, even if we don't always understand it.

Glad to hear about your back, we can have that online limbo contest now we have been talking about.



I'm glad things are going so well. Isn't is great when something we worry about turns out just fine?


Aww I love that Saturday Sky picture of your sweet little Main Street! Soooo glad your back is better. I've had a few back glitches in the past week and keep thinking "it's not as bad as Paul's.... it's not as bad as Paul's..." I really think the pain is going away with this inferiority thing I'm giving it.

Song with big kids + little kids... the first thing that pops into my mind is that "did you ever know that you're my hero?" song... which might be a little overdone... or I might not like hearing it much because it's the song my son's Kindergarten class sung for their dads (aka my X) for the early Father's Day deal at school? Dunno.

Dave Daniels

Most of all, I'm SO glad to hear you're feeling better. Nothing worse than back troubles. (Well, there are, but those are terminal.)
Hope you're hacing a great weekend and doing all sorts of wonderful things.


I'm glad to see that things are really shaping up for you! Glad that the new school year is looking to be very promising!

Take care of that back!


Glad you're feeling so much better.

How about "We are the World" ok..so I'm old


What about "You Raise Me Up"? Can't think of the composer right now. Glad to know that you are enjoying elementary school, I have to say large groups of small children scare me. lol. Also fantastic to hear that you have only 'talent' in your classes. I've been involved with highschool choirs where the music teacher let the tone deaf kids in - now that was a challenge! Love the Saturday sky pic too.

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