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September 23, 2006



Sounds like a great time - made me feel a little nostalgic. This was such a fun post and I can't wait to see the pics! I'm imagining a knitted/felted chess costume - HA - wouldn't that be fun?


Home Coming already?

It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.

Dave Daniels

You DO keep busy, huh? I'm so glad the school year has started up for you. The summer seemed so listless, and there was all that entertaining and traveling.


What fun! No wonder you were pooped. I look forward to seeing the pictures.


That sounds like it was sooo much fun! I love to see kids involved in school projects! And of course, it's great to see school staff (such as yourself) so very enthusiastic! Can't wait for pics.


It's wonderful to hear such enthusiasm! My hat's off to you.


What a great time...I know that you have been working with the kids up to this point to get them ready. I look forward to the photos..you deserve some rest my friend!


Sounds like great fun. Hope you recover from it all today!

Cristina Salmon

How fun!!! That is so awesom. It makes me miss working with teenagers. Where are the pictures???????


Sounds like a wonderful time! Glad to hear that you have a great group of kids. Very inspiring!

Can't wait to see the pics!


Paul!! WOW - what an awesomely fun experience! The town where my big kids live in Texas doesn't do the floats and parade and stuff. We did when I was a kid and it's such a fun experience working together with each other and getting to know some people better, etc. Thanks so much for telling about this - it was awesome read and imagine everything about the floats with all the detail you gave. Big smiles here thinking about it all. :)


Take a nap, take TWO! How awesome that you watched over those kids and let them experience life! But, that's Because YOU'RE a GREAT Teacher! *hug*


Awww, shucks, kids! Thanks for all the kind words. I'll post pics as soon as I can get them.!


It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Those kids are really lucky to have a teacher who cares so much and is so happy to see them do well!


What a great time you must have had...sounds like the kids really enjoyed it all! Can't think of anyone who would be a better advisor to the freshman class than you...glad you are involved with school activities...


Wow. Lucky kids to have you there for them. And lucky you to have this new adventure.

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