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September 28, 2006



I feel your pain. Last night I made negative progress on a baby sweater -- I just kept screwing it up until I finally had to admit that I was too tired to knit.

Here's hoping you are more energetic tonight.


I sooooo need a Cabin Cove mug.


Sounds like your body was telling you something!

You must of needed the rest with all that dish washing and coffee press bashing!


I have one of those coffee pot things...French Press I think they are called...and I rarely use it...

You are sounding like me - I'm falling asleep at the drop of a hat lately!

Dave Daniels

Hey, great sky pic. Did that red house across the street sell yet? If not, Ann and I would still like to set up a Fiber Commune there.
NICE mug. Can you find another of those coffee thingies on the Internet? (It's the 21st century, ya know!)


Yes..go online Pauly and give them your cellphone number with the order.


Who wouldn't want Dave and I as neighbors?


Hmmm..... Ann AND Dave as neighbors. How scary would THAT be? I'd make sure I was constantly drunk (not unlike my friend Popeye...). LOL!

Wait a minute! I thought I was part of the commune, not a "neighbor". pfft....


Aww the coffee press. Well you can get another one, right? At least your CCM mug didn't break! Yesterday my 11mo baby broke the handle off my favorite tea mug!! :(


Mmmm, coffee press, RIP. They do make the BEST coffee, don't they? I'd send you mine, as I don't use it very often, but I do still use it once in a while.... I'm sure they're easily found on the 'net, though, as others have suggested.


Oooh, such a pretty photo. I just love a good yarn picture.

So sorry about your coffee press. I hope you are able to swiftly replace it.


That's a great photo, hon! So sorry about the coffee press, have you gotten a new one yet?

And...You mean you don't put chocolate in your coffee??? *puzzled, shocked, *gasp* blonde look* (that's the only time I drink mine! LOL)

So when are Dave and Ann moving into the neighborhood? Will they knit mittens for me, too? *inquisitive look* We can have a knitting commune - all of you can knit, I'll just watch and plant flowers. *winks*

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