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August 19, 2006


Mary Lou

I like your new blog. I had to chuckle about you going back to school soon...we have been in session for two weeks already with pre-planning for two weeks before that! We are going to do "City of Angels" for our spring musical (not the movie, that's a different show) and our jazz ensemble will be the pit band. Pretty exciting! I used to teach elementary music in northern NY, then I moved up to middle and high school, now I am a high school choral director at a huge new school...but I still like knitting and quilting better than teaching! Best wishes for a great school year!

Cristina Salmon

Glad to have found you!


Hey I was the first one to subscribe - how cool is that? I like the new place. You will love Typepad.


Great sky, even though wet. Ours will be tomorrow, says the weatherperson.
Good luck with your big life decisions. I stand upon the precipace of one myself. Life change, that is, not decision.
Both of my kids will hit college this year, leaving husband and I alone for the first time in forever.


Oh here you are! I thought perhaps you'd gone on another adventure. Nice digs!


Ohhhh...love the new blog. It is nice...I am getting nervous with so many people having problems with blogger...

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