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August 26, 2006



Rainy sky two Saturdays in a row for you now - don't be depressed. Just think of it as a sign of the changing seasons and a reason to wear handknits! I'm loving reading about your school experiences and take on teachers, schedule change, etc - I need to read more and find out what exactly it is that you do. And I'm glad Typepad is working out for you! :)


I am very jealous of your weather. Don't let it get to you. It could be hot and humid instead.

In that case, I guess I count as a teacher, too. Just don't ask what I'm teaching. *L*


right on! word to all teachers everywhere!

we had ucky overcast this am, but it cleared out to be very nice. (i think we are going to have rain tomorrow. phooey!)


Wow... your grey dreary sky looks BETTER than our good day sky!!

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